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Fines Aren't Fine

A policy brief and factsheet designed to outline policy analysis and solutions


Winter 2022


Policy Researcher & Analyst

Visual Designer

Project Overview


Policy Research

Policy Analysis

Policy Writing

Graphic Design

This policy brief and factsheet were designed as outcomes for a course entitled, Socially Just Policy Analysis. The purpose was to learn a variety of policy analysis methods and apply them to a policy area of choice. In drafting this policy brief I was challenged to create a well-written and well-researched document that presented relevant facts in a compelling way to policy stakeholders. In contrast, the factsheet was designed for a lay audience and needed to highlight key points in a visually interesting way. It was also important that the two documents have visually similar styles so that it would be clear they go together as one policy package. The outcome is two documents I am very proud of and experience crafting a policy narrative.

Policy Brief

Policy Brief

“Truly phenomenal work on this! Seeing such incredible assignments like this really makes it all worthwhile! You should definitely use this and the factsheet as writing samples.”

- Course Professor


Policy Factsheet

“This is INCREDIBLE! This is likely the most creatively designed factsheet I've ever had submitted. I'm blown away by how awesome this looks and how effectively you conveyed the information. This is definitely professional quality and I'd like to use it as an example in the future!” 
- Course Professor

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