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free transit experimentation in SLC & LA

Unprecedented Times: A Case Study

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Project Overview


The goal of this project was to write a short, but compelling case study report of events related to transportation policy for a course entitled Transportation & Public Policy.  As opposed to a generic research paper, the aim of this case study was to focus on actions that had taken place and use analysis to offer lessons learned.

The Result

I used this paper as an opportunity to look into free transit experimentation in Salt Lake City, Utah and Los Angeles, California. In researching for this paper, I made contacts and held interviews that informed my findings and writing.


Policy Researcher

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Winter 2022


Academic Research

Case Study

"Kayla, this is an excellent case study. You show that you’ve done a very substantial amount of research and it’s reflected in your solid grasp of the issues. The report is clearly organized and your writing is strong. The interviews are an especially valuable element of your effective report."

- Course Professor

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